Village Dairy


Llaeth Y Llan, what does it actually mean?

As you might of already guessed Llaeth Y Llan is very much a Welsh name, ‘Llaeth’ meaning milk and ‘Llan’ being a shortened way of saying a local village name in Wales, ours being ‘Llannefydd’. Trust us it’s a very clever name with alliteration if you know the Welsh language…….

How do you pronounce Llaeth Y Llan?

With great difficulty as we’ve noticed over the last 30 years or so, again trust us it’s a clever Welsh name.

Are you really a farm?

Yes! No fake farm names here, Llaeth Y LLan is based on Tal Y Bryn farm, home of the Roberts family which is roughly 20 acres in size and has been in the Roberts family for 3 generations going on 4.

Where do you get your Milk from?

We source our Milk from neighbouring farms all within a 20 km radios, this helps with our traceability and allow us to ensure our Milk is sourced from farms with high welfare standards and all comply with Red Tractor Assurance Schemes.


Can we come to Llaeth Y Llan and see where the magic is made?

Yes of Course! Group bookings and visits need to be arranged beforehand, so please get in touch through the website or call and we can give you a tour and a chance to buy our products, the entire range all in one place!

Is it safe to eat your yogurt during pregnancy?

Happy to say our yogurt is made with pasteurised milk, and should be safe to eat during pregnancy. You should always consult your GP if you’re unsure however.

Where can I get Llaeth Y Llan products?

Our products are available throughout Wales and it’s bordering counties in retailers and independent shops and Farm Shops. Please have a look at our stockist page.

Why can’t I find a specific flavour in a specific shop?

We have a large range of flavours 15 or so not every retailer or shop will stock the same range. Unfortunately we have no control on the price or the range the retailers for our products.