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I love all the flavours! So yummy. But I must say the rhubarb is outstanding and can't get enough :) x

Tried the toffee yoghurt today as I wanted to see what these Welsh yoghurts were all about. Delicious! And even better, I had no idea you were based in Llannefydd, only 4 miles from where I am. It's great to be buying local produce and supporting local farmers. Can you buy the yoghurts direct from your farm?

Wow! These are the most delicious, creamiest, tastiest yogurts I've ever eaten. My favourite (at the moment!) is the toffee one, with strawberry coming a close second...I'm very lucky to live in North Wales so I'm able to buy them from my local ASDA Wrexham. It also feels great to be supporting local businesses making fresh local produce. Thank you for making the yummiest yogurts in the world! :)