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Chernobyl children life line charity tour Llaeth y Llan

Over thirty years following the catastrophic nuclear accident that occurred late evening on the 25/26th of April 1986, the aftermath of Chernobyl continues to this day affecting the 3rd generation of children since the disaster living in Belarus and Northern Ukraine.

Chernobyl children life line is a charity that give aid to children who still suffer the effects of low level radiation from the nuclear accident at Chernobyl in 1986. Fourteen children associated with the charity have been invited by the North Wales branch of the charity to stay with host families for a month to enjoy uncontaminated food, fresh air, sunshine and exciting trips around North Wales.

On Tuesday the 3rd of July 2018 their outing involved a trip to see Llaeth Y Llan's yogurt producing factory and Tal Y Bryn Farm grounds and gardens the home of the Business. Gareth Roberts owner of the company gave a brief presentation about the history of their family business, established in 1985, a year prior to the disaster and gave an account of his memories from that time.

The children especially enjoyed their tour of the factory, witnessing first-hand Llaeth y Llan?s award winning yogurt being made through the viewing gallery provided for guided tours. They later had the opportunity to taste various flavours as a light dessert following lunch provided by Gareth and his wife Falmai at their family home Tal y Bryn Farm. Gareth Roberts expressed his pleasure following the children's visit:

"We are very glad to be able to accommodate the children here at our facility. It is very hard to think that thirty years down the line, there are still victims suffering the effects from the disaster. It brings great joy to me and the family to be able to contribute to the children's experience and enjoyment here in North Wales. I do hope the charity does return to Llaeth y Llan in the near future with more visitors".

All the children left with a beaming smile following a morning of educational information, delicious food and of course a gift bag with some yogurt inside as a souvenir of their time at Llaeth y Llan. If you would like to learn more about Llaeth y Llan or arrange a tour of the factory please get in touch through the website.