Village Dairy

Mental Health Awareness Week 2021

To commemorate Mental Health Awareness Week 2021, we asked our staff what they enjoy doing out of work hours to help unwind and maintain a positive mental health. Here are the responses we received...


"I have two Airedale Terries that I totally adore. We spend so much time walking and playing fetch with a ball, it’s so pleasing to see them running and releasing all their energy that I feel it with them. My dogs are my new children and they totally unwind and relax me by just being there." --- Andy, Despatch Manager


"Dwin mynd a nghi defaid (Koda) am dro gyda beic fel arfer ac ar benwythnos byddaf yn eistedd yn yr ardd gyda can o lager neu glassied o win (neu’r ddau ????)" --- Phil, Maintenance & Utilities Coordinator


"I particularly like going for morning walks listening to podcasts to help clear the head and get some steps in, it helps to put your phone on airplane mode to not be disturbed!" --- Gruff, Director


"Having lived in Japan for many years and growing up in Romania where we love to cook, I have learned to cook millions of different dishes. I like to unwind by cooking different cuisines for my daughter and husband every night, one night I might make sushi, the next I might make fish & chips! Seeing people enjoying my cooking makes me happy." --- Laura, Office Administrator


"I don’t have much spare time thanks to my 2 year old daughter, but she really does bring endless joy to my life and never fails to bring me back up after a bad day. But when I do get time I have various motorbikes in the garage, a few projects and a couple that are on the road, when I am on the road or in the garage working on them everything else is forgotten. Completing a project bike also brings a massive sense of achievement and a lot of fun out on the road!" --- Daf, Production Manager


"Running is a tool I’ve always used to clear the mind. It never fails, the endorphins you release through exercise give you a positive vibe (and the fitness benefit certainly helps me keep up with my 17-month-old daughter!). I use the Strava app because it helps me track my running progress, but I also like it for setting realistic challenges. It’s a free sport, and I can go for a run whenever it’s suits – perfect for a busy working mum. I just need to stop eating chocolate now….that’s the hard part!" --- Summer, Technical Manager


"I like to train 4 nights a week because it's my chance to personally push and challenge myself, keeping in shape keeps me feeling good and healthy in myself, it is also my social life where I can chat and unwind." --- Greg, Despatch Supervisor


"I ymlacio, dwi'n mwynhau mynd i redeg hefo Trefor y ci ar ôl diwrnod o waith. Dwi wastad yn teimlo'n well ar ôl gneud, er weithiau mae'n rhaid i mi lusgo'n hun allan. Cyn clywed a diflasu ar y term 'cyfnod clo', doeddwn i ddim yn un am redeg o gwbl i fod yn onest, 'mond yn ystod gemau pêl-rwyd ar nos Lun. Ond ers i'r gemau ac ymarferion cael ei ganslo, neshi benderfynu gwella'n ffitrwydd er mwyn gwella fy mherfformiad yn y pen draw. Fel aelod o dîm Merched Pêl-rwyd Dinbych, dani gyd wedi gwneud ymdrech i gadw cyswllt yn ystod y misoedd dwetha er nad ydym wedi bod yn ymarfer, a dani'n neud yn siwr i checkio fewn o dro i dro i weld fod pawb yn OK - mae'r teimlad yma o fod mewn tîm mor werthfawr i mi ac yn neud fi'n gyffrous wrth witied i ymarferion dechrau eto yn yr wythnosau nesaf!" --- Leah, Marketing Executive