Village Dairy

Mothers Day Bouqet 2019

Llaeth y Llan’s mother’s day flower bouquet.

Assembly time – 15 minutes

  • 4 x Empty pots of Llaeth y Llan yogurt of your choice.
  • 3 green cardboard straws.
  • 6 felt flowers (available at local craft shops – easily made by hand using foam board if not)
  • 2 sheets of coloured tissue.
  • 1 green foam sheet.
  • Sellotape
  • Suitable holder to glue the bouquet to.

Method –

  • Glue 1x Llaeth y Llan pot to the holder (placing it in the centre.)
  • Stuff the yogurt pot with tissue paper until it is full.
  • On each straw place a Llaeth y Llan yogurt pot on the top end of the straw, and securing it by sticking sellotape on the back of the pot (place the straw on the middle of the pot, using sellotape on each side to secure firmly to the pot)
  • Place two flowers on the Llaeth y Llan pot (try not to cove the logo) repeat this on each pot.
  • Place the three cardboard straws in a triangle form in the pot, securing by surrounding them with tissue paper.
  • Cut out six oval shapes from the green foam, glue two ovals together like shown in the picture, and glue on the green cardboard straw, in a position that meets the top of the pot.
  • Place coloured tissue paper around the bottom of the pot once everything is complete.
  • Give flower to Mum.
  • Tag Llaeth y Llan on their Social Media platforms to share your good work.